Mac Installation
Windows Installation
Activating Your License

Mac Installation

On Mac, simply run the included installer and follow the instructions.

Installation notes:

  1. Lightroom Classic or Lightroom 6 (historic) must be installed prior to running the installer.
  2. Mac users with M1 or M2 must have Rosetta installed on their system, or they will receive an error when they try to use Negative Lab Pro. If Rosetta is not installed, you can install it by opening up the “Terminal” app (found in Applications/Utilities), then copy/pasting the following command into the terminal and hitting “enter”: /usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license
  3. If you receive an error that the package is corrupted, please try downloading again using a different web browser

Windows Installation

On Windows, simply run the included installer and follow the instructions.

Installation notes:

  1. Lightroom Classic or Lightroom 6 (historic) must be installed prior to running the installer.
  2. If you get a notification that “Windows Protected Your PC”, click “More Info”, then “Run Anyway”. The installer includes my certified developer signature, but you may still see Windows Defender throw a little fit (thanks Windows).

Windows HOTKEY Installation

The Windows hotkey should be installed automatically when you run the installer. The hotkey must be actively running for it to work, so be sure at the end of the installation, to leave the option checked to “Start Running the Hotkey,” and hit “finish”. If you don’t have that selected when you hit finish, it will begin running automatically the next time you restart your system.


English: Ctrl - Alt - N
German: Ctrl - Alt - P
Swedish - Ctrl - Alt - N
Netherlands: Alt + N
French: Ctrl + Alt + X
Italian: Alt + Shift + X
Portugese - Alt + X
Spanish - Alt + X


If you’d like to change the hotkey (or add to an existing AutoHotKey setup), you can download the hotkey script here. Even if you are new to AutoHotKey, it is possible to customize the script to meet your needs.

  1. Download and install AutoHotKey free from
  2. Right-click on the “NegativeLabHotkey.ahk” file, and choose to open with NotePad
  3. Inside the ahk file are further instructions for how to edit to meet your needs

Activating Your License

If you’ve purchased a license for Negative Lab Pro, you can now activate it to unlock full use of Negative Lab Pro.

Here’s how to activate your license:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet
  2. In Lightroom, go to File > Plug-in Manager
  3. Copy the licence from your receipt email, and add it to the field beside the key symbol ()
  4. Then hit the ACTIVATE button.
  5. You should then see a confirmation that the key has been accepted!

Troubleshooting License Keys:

“I can’t find my license”
Follow these instructions to find your license key.

404 Error
Check and make sure that you are copy/pasting directly from your email receipt, and make sure there are no extra spaces at the end of your license.

Could Not Connect to the Internet
Make sure you are connected to the internet and any firewalls or internet blocking apps (like LittleSnitch) are turned off. In some countries (like China), you will need to use a VPN to activate because China blocks traffic.

Out of Uses For License Key
There is a limit to the number of times NLP can be activated to protect from theft. If you reach this error, please email at so I can restore your license.

After getting a confirmation of the new license, it reverts back to trial
In some cases, the license may get dropped from your system. Not to worry! Just restart your computer, then go to “file > plugin manager” and re-enter/resubmit your license.


To update an existing installation of Negative Lab Pro, simply close Lightroom and run the new installer.