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Negative Lab Pro for Lightroom

Negative Lab Pro brings impossibly good color negative conversions right into your Lightroom workflow. No more messing around with tedious exports and hand-edited curves. With Negative Lab Pro, lab-quality tones and colors are just a click away.

You'll get:
  • 1-Click Negative Conversions in Lightroom
  • Intuitive, Non-Destructive Editing Tools
  • Advanced AutoColor and Tonal Control
  • Batch Convert and Edit Multiple Negatives
  • RAW Camera Profiles for Digital Camera Scans
  • Vuescan + Silverfast RAW DNG profiles
  • Lab Scanner Emulations
  • Film Metadata Tools
  • Lightroom Classic (Recommended) or Lightroom 6
  • Mac or Windows

*VAT tax may be added in some countries.

Pssst... Have you tried the FREE TRIAL Download yet? It's the full program with no watermarks, it just restricts your use to 12 conversions. I strongly encourage you to try the free download first!


I want to use this on both my desktop and my laptop computer. Is that possible?

Yep! Your license will allow you to unlock and use Negative Lab Pro on up to 2 computers that you own.

I may switch my scanning setup in the future (for instance, from a flatbed scanner to DSLR scanning)... will I need to buy anything else when I do?

Nope! Negative Lab Pro includes everything you need no matter your scanner or setup. (I always thought it was kind of ridiculous that some scanning software charged you again for changing setups!) If you find that your setup is not supported (for instance, if I don't have a camera profile for you yet), you can email me at nate@natephotographic with samples of your setup, and I'll add compatability.

Are their future updates planned? If I buy now, will I get those updates or have to pay for them?

Since launching Negative Lab Pro in 2018, I've been working non-stop to keep making it better. I've added hundreds of improvements, mainly driven by the ideas I've received from fellow film photographers. You can see examples of past updates by looking at the v2.2 release notes, v2.1 release notes, and v2.0 release notes. So far, all the updates I've added have been FREE updates to all users. As new features become increasingly more advanced and time-consuming for me to develop, it's possible that some upgrades or add-ons in the future will be paid.

How will I know about future updates?

You will receive email notifications when new updates are ready. Additionally, I often release early beta version for user testing on the private Facebook group.

Do you offer a student discount or educator discount?

Yep! Just email me some form of verification (like an ID) to and I will send through a link for the special discount.

Will this be compatable with future versions of Lightroom?

Yes - as long as Adobe continues to allow for plugins (and doesn't break anything in their sdk), I will make sure Negative Lab Pro is maintained to be compatible.

When I go to pay, it adds VAT tax to the price. Why is that?

The payment processor I use (gumroad) automatically adds VAT when you go to pay (I believe based on your IP address or credit card address). Sometimes this can get screwy and incorrectly assess you with VAT tax. There's no way on my end to correct this. If this is happening to you, you can paypal me directly here. Just leave a note that it for Negative Lab Pro, along with the email address you'd like the license to go to. I'll then process the license for you manually.

It won't let me pay with a paypal balance. Is there a way I can do that?

Yep! You can use this link to pay directly with a paypal balance. Just add in the paypal notes the email address you would like your license to be registered to. I have to hand-process these requests, so typically you will receive your license within 24 hours.

Other questions? Let me know at!

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