“I get an ‘Unknown Developer’ message when I try to run the MAC installer”
“My shortcut key isn’t bringing up Negative Lab Pro”
“The settings in Negative Lab Pro are not updating in real time”
“I need to reinstall and I can’t find my download or license key”
“I get an error when I try to enter the license key”
“I’ve entered the license key, and it shows that it accepted the key, but it still remains in trial mode afterwards”

“Unknown Developer” Warning

Apple is making it increasingly difficult for users to run apps which were not downloaded from their app store, or go through other source code security checks. Security is a good idea, but this puts a lot of burden on both users and independent developers.

As of now, you can get around this by doing the following:

  • Control + Click on the installer package, then select “Open”
  • Then in the following screen, you should still be able to select “Open” or “Open Anyway”

If this doesn’t work, you may need to go to Apple > Preferences > Security & Privacy and make sure to “Allow apps downloaded from: App Store and identified developers.” Then try the steps above again.

You can also manually add all the files needed if you are concerned about the app itself. Just download the windows package, and follow the instructions for windows, which uses a manual installation.

If you do install manually, just note that you may still be warned by Apple the first time you use it. You may see a message saying that it stopped “Magick” or “Exiftool” from running and ask you if you want to delete it. In this case, do NOT delete it. Immediately open up your security preferences again at Apple > Preferences > Security & Privacy and you should now see a note asking if you want to allow the software to run. You may have to run Negative Lab Pro and watch and enable any warnings that come up a few times before everything works.

Shortcut Key Missing on MAC

If your shortcut key is missing for some reason, you can follow this guide to enable your shortcut key.

The settings in Negative Lab Pro aren’t updating the image

This could be due to a few difference reasons:

  • If you are using a version of Lightroom prior to Lightroom Classic v9, then you will need to disable graphics processing (Settings > Performance > Disable Graphics Processing). This is due to a bug in the earlier versions that has since been fixed by Adobe.
  • If you are using Lightroom 6/Lightroom 2015, you MUST be using the last build of Lightroom 6/Lightroom 2015 (I believe is was 6.14 / 2015.14). Some of the earlier versions had a bug in the SDK.

I can’t find my license

If you need your license key to reinstall, follow this guide to locating your license key. The same email that has your license key will also have a link to your “Contents” which will also include the latest download version.

License Key Errors

Here are some common License Key errors and how to fix:

404 Error
Check and make sure that you are copy/pasting directly from your email receipt, and make sure there are no extra spaces at the end of your license.

Could Not Connect to the Internet
Make sure you are connected to the internet and any firewalls or internet blocking apps (like LittleSnitch) are turned off. In some countries (like China), you will need to use a VPN to activate because China blocks traffic.

Out of Uses For License Key
There is a limit to the number of times NLP can be activated to protect from theft. If you reach this error, please email at so I can restore your license.

License key worked but back in trial mode

In some cases, the license may get dropped from your system. If this happens, it will go back to trial mode. Just follow the activation steps again to reactivate your license.

If your issue is not listed here, check the Troubleshooting Forum to see if any other users have had your problem and they have been resolved.