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  MAC - Negative Lab Pro v3.0.2  
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Looking for v2.4.2?
Download v2.4.2 for Mac or v2.4.2 for Windows.

🎉See What's New with v3.0 - Roll Analysis, Presets, Undo/Redo & More...🎉

Quick Start Guide

Included in your download above is a “Quick Start Guide” which will show you how to install and begin using Negative Lab Pro. You can also access those here:

Quick Start Guide - MAC
Quick Start Guide - PC

In-Depth Guide to Negative Lab Pro

A thorough overview of all the features and best-practices in Negative Lab Pro can be found below:

 Scanning Best Practices
 Getting Started
 Batch Processing
 Black & White Film Processing
 Film Metadata Guide
 Lightroom Tips
 Fixing Negative Issues